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Born in Salvador on December 11, 1924. It belonged to a family of doctors, in which he excelled his father, beloved by the clinical population of Salvador.
In 1941, he enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, after completing the preparatory studies.
As a medical student, was the Internal Service Professor of Surgery. Eduardo de Sá Oliveira, Hospital Santa Izabel, where he received an influx of César Sá and that it would be a remarkable teacher of several generations,  Antonio Jesuino dos Santos Netto. From the fifth year of medical school under the auspices of Professor. José Coelho dos Santos, has turned his sights to the Pathology and Oncology.
Pasted degree in 1948, after creating, along with Aristides Maltez, Luiz Carlos de Oliveira Neves, Alexinaldo Portela and other dedicated pioneers, the Bahian League Against Cancer. This alloy resulted in the construction and operation Aristides Maltez Hospital, reference center of national oncology.
After passing through the Foundation Gonçalo Moniz, went to the United States, where he carried out at the Mayo Clinic (Rockefeller Foundion), and then thrilled themselves - beyond the anatomical pathology, histology, embryology and cytology - the pathophysiology of death. It became a constant frequenter of autopsies (sometimes as a spectator scholar, sometimes as an assistant, sometimes as a prospector).
Returning to the United States, claimed the Full Professor of Pathology. She submitted to the contest and was approved with praise. Appointed Assistant professor, began working with the professor, Prof. Coelho dos Santos.
Then went on to direct the Pathology Service of the Hospital of the University of Bahia, at the time that had the same activity at the Hospital and Foundation Aristides Maltez Gonçalo Moniz.
Shortly after, he applied to Professor of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bahia. Started the contest, after brilliant evidence, the election, to everyone's surprise, has been suspended.
Reset the tender, faithful to its principles, Anibal Silvany refused to compete. Has lost the Faculty of Medicine, UFBA. An excellent teacher.
Anibal Silvany joined the private practice, opening with a colleague Studart Jorge Pereira, a pathological anatomy laboratory.
In 1958 he was appointed Professor of Histology and Embryology School of Bahian Medical and Public Health, which lent the brilliance of his talent, for many years.
Invited by Prof.. Estacio de Lima, was appointed medical examiner of the Institute where Nina Rodrigues, "was notable for the excellent statements on local expertise and the bodies of victims of violent death, speaking for many years, extraordinary Perinecroscopia practical classes, and Anatomy and Macropatologia their correlation with forensic medicine "(1).
Students covered him with tributes, the same happened with your co-teaching.
He died on February 23, 2006.


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