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"A people that does not bow before the suffering
That resist and fight!
Which is still orderly and supportive
Despite the hunger and cold no withdrawals
Despite the sadness, survives
Despite the bitterness, believes in the future.
The deepest reverence to the Japanese people on this blog
and a desire that the suffering and pass back the joy ..."


Born April 5, 1867 in Salvador.
Completing their studies in humanities, he enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, where he graduated in 1890.
They were classmates: Amelia Benebien Pedrosa, Belisario Augusto de Oliveira Pena, Ephigenia Veiga and Pedro Emilio de Cerqueira Lima Junior. Amelia Benebien Pedrosa was the second woman graduate from the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, together with his classmate, Ephigenia Veiga. Belisario Pena was Minister of Health (1931), scientist, developer of dr. Neiva in his research on the health of northern populations of Bahia, Pernambuco southwestern, southern Maharashtra and north-south Goiás Pedro Emilio de Cerqueira Lima Junior was professor of the Faculty (3).
Soon after graduation, became conductor of the Chair of Pathological Anatomy and Physiology, and remained so until 1901, when he was transferred to the Chair of Bacteriology (renamed for Microbiology, 1911). In 1915 he became Professor of Microbiology, remaining so until 1933.
In 1897 he completed the course in Pharmacy, pasting degree on December 30 of that year.
In 1891 and 1914, he apprenticed at several medical centers in Europe.
In 1908 he was appointed director of the Medical School and as director, concluded the major reconstruction work initiated by Alfredo Britto in 1905, shortly after the fire that almost destroyed.
He returned to the direction of the age-old birthplace of Brazilian medicine, in 1915 and 1933.
Directed for many years, the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz da Bahia.
"Dr. Augusto Viana should be considered one of the great directors that had our school. During his long administration, were planned and carried out major improvements to the medical progress of Bahia. It was a fair teacher and doer of duty, of noble and always defined; great friend of the young men, sincere and stimulator of values"



 (From Death Nogueira Britto-Prof. Dr. Raymundo Nina Rodrigues, in Paris on July 17, 1906 and narrative of the arrival of the corpse to the door of this capital, on Aug. 10 of that year. Available at http:// www. med.historia_med/hist_med_art61d.htm.)

(Allegory - Available in                        
(Allegory - Available in  

* On Thursday, August 9 and 1933, the state deputy, Dr. Souza Britto received the distinguished governor of Maranhao, Dr. Benedicto Milk, the following telegram: "Dr. Souza Britto - Bahia - Nina Roberts tribute Committee asked around, asked the government of this state, helping these accolades expenses. Answered ready access request, must be asked what amount, commission telegraphed me again, saying she would accept any aid that I send, as you know, government has an indispensable basis any expenditure has determined. Therefore, I ask you understand this committee, meaning she tell me the amount that government assistance needs.

Also I have received telegrams are signed only "Commission". Is it necessary to telegraph me with the names of its members to take specific person or persons, who to give the amount sent as aid. I ask you want with them also in this respect.
Greetings - Milk Benedicto, Governor. "
Round about the aforesaid matter, the tireless and selfless "commission" charge of the funeral of academic Dr. Nina Rodrigues, sent days later, on August 12, the governor of Maranhao, Dr. Benedicto Milk, the following telegram: "Governor Maranhão - With the tributes in memory of dr. Nina Rodrigues, can do without I promised - Commission. "
Among the many eminent personalities who followed the coffin were Drs Alfredo Britto, director of the Medical School of Bahia, Dr. Themistocles Nina Rodrigues, a first lieutenant in the army, sister in law and brother of the famous extinct, sr. Antonio de Almeida Couto, Brother of Excellency. widow of Dr. Nina Rodrigues, Dr. Braz do Amaral, Guilherme Rebello, Pacifico Pereira, Pedro de Luz Carrascosa, Josino Cotias, Bonifacio da Costa, School of Medicine, Dr. Alexandre Maia Bittencourt, Thyrso Simões de Siqueira Paiva and Archimedes Gonçalves, Polytechnic School, Dr. Carlos Devoto, director of the State Gymnasium; Cyrillo captain Ernesto de Castro and second lieutenants Victalino Thomas Alves, Corbinian Cardoso and Pedro Reginaldo Teixeira.
The board of the State Gymnasium in protest of veneration to the memory of people elderly scientist, decided to suspend classes to the establishment, inviting faculty and students to attend the funeral, and ordered to hoist the National flag at half mast in its own building.
The Faculty of Medicine of Bahia crashed that day, August 10, and will not be in operation in 11 days, in a legitimate and necessary gesture of loyalty, gratitude, respect, admiration and love to the memory of his beloved teacher.
In law school, so it came to notice that the body of Professor indites landed at Navy Yard, was put into the flag's symbolic funeral college - thus continuing on 11 until you have gone down to earth the remains of the professor.
Will be suspended on the 11th, for this reason, all work of the college. A similar procedure had the lenses of the Polytechnic School.
Among many chapels that will be placed on the grave of the eminent scientist, observed: a crown richly lavorar D. Amalia Gama, armed with the utmost care, made of very thin cloth flowers, and a side of roses and chrysanthemums and other beautiful bouquets of violets, lilac and wisteria all interspersed with ribbons of purple silk. On one side of the crown, hangs a large purple ribbon with the inscription, artistically painted "Homage of the faculty and students of the Faculty of Medicine", another wonderful beaded crown and glass beads with a ribbon that read: "Homage body Administrative, Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, "" To the illustrious and eminent scientist Professor dr. Nina Roberts - The State of Bahia. " A large and beautiful crown of roses and lilies yellow, "Dr. Alfredo Brito and her children. " Gaudy crown of pansies, lilies and roses, made of biscuit Celluloide ";" last farewell of his sister and sister. " A heart of lily-colored bills, topped by a cross and decorated with pansies, with a rich framework in the center - Empire - gilded bronze framing the portrait of the deceased; "eternal Missing his mother and sisters." A cross of one meter and 20 centimeters, accounts lilac, pansies and ornate white lilac; "Homage to the Jornal de Noticias". A cross of aluminum and "biscuit", decorated with pansies and roses.
On Saturday, August 11, at 8 ½ given morning, the solemn funeral will be celebrated by Benedictine monks, carrying out, then the saimento funeral.
Dr. Nina Roberts will be buried in the cemetery of Campo Santo, speaking on this occasion, on behalf of youth, student, scholar of law Aydano Sampaio and the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia Dr. William Pereira Rebello, (1857-1928), very eminent physician, born in Sergipe, professor of Pathological Anatomy and Physiology, graduated in Medicine in 1878, pala Faculty of Medicine of Bahia.
The Central Commission of the funeral and mourned the wise professor Dr. Nina Rodrigues Dear invites. srs. Dr. governor, Mr. Secretary of State, Mr. Police Chief, commanding general of the federal bodies of the garrison, Regiment Police, officials of the Union State, the Municipality, the Hon. sr. the Santa Casa de Misericordia da Bahia, the faculty, staff and administration of the Higher Colleges of Gymnasium, the Institute of Normal and private schools, a distinct class of trade, the press worthy of the city and more friends and admirers of the great dead to attend Mass to be celebrated today (18) to 8 ½ hours of the morning at the Monastery of St. Benedict and follow the funeral, soon after the religious acts. "
During the night of August 10, it was great competition for families and gentlemen who came to the abbey church of St. Benedict, visiting the remains of Dr. Nina Rodrigues. Some stearin candles died off and were quickly lit. The silence of the evening was broken by the responsibility that they prayed or sang alternately, some in slurred voice unctuously by evangelical believers, especially for older butts, who chanted molesta and grim litany. From time to time, the Benedictine monks chanted mournfully.
On day 11, the eve of the rising sun, the surrounding streets would soon be populating and u'A formiculante crowd, in pilgrimage, Sunday best clothes, were falling at Largo de S. Benedict, in front of the monastery. He gave his last quarter-hour to 15. Nd class.
In front of this, stood out the banners of the three colleges. The Faculty of Medicine, and all wrapped in rich crepe occupied the center and to the right of the Polytechnic and was to the left of the Law. Both were topped with crepe bows with ends hanging over the field of standards.
Five minutes before 9 pm, music from the correct one. No body of Police Regiment, largely uniform, performed the first funeral march.
On this occasion, since the vast area inside the temple was atopetada of people, noting there represented: the congregations of the three academies, the main civilian and military authorities, courts, associations, youth academic Exmas families, press, etc.. Among the large number of people who filled the temple were the following: Dr. Marcellino José de Souza, the state governor, Dr. Jose Maria Tourinho, head of Public Security Dr. Victorio Antonio Falcão de Araujo, municipal mayor and lens of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, Dr. Manoel Freire de Carvalho, secretary of the Quartermaster, Dr. Alfredo Britto, director of the Medical School of Bahia; Dr. Pedro Vicente Vianna, president of the Court of Appeal and Review, Dr. Antonio G. Froes, Dr. Reis Meirelles, a state senator, Mr. Lopes da Silva Lima, director of engineering session of the council, Dr. Alexandre Maia Bittencourt, Dr. Alfredo Devoto, Bellarmine Col de Andrade, Augusto Maia engineer, Dr. Manoel Carlos Devoto, Dr. Climério de Oliveira, Dr. H. Braz do Amaral Madureira de Pinho Dr. Bernardino; Lopes Rodrigues, the Commercial School, various committees, representing the bodies of students of the Gymnasium and Gym Bahia Carneiro, Directors Guild of literary Legal, Major Joaquim da Costa Freitas, representing the Equitable, a committee of the Benevolent Guild Professorship Baiano etc., etc..
At about 9 ½ hours of the morning began the Masses that were celebrated at the altar and side altars of Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Benedict. On the high altar celebrated d. João Pedro de Caigny Majoli, abbot of the Benedictine monks, religious acolytate by D. Lawrence and D. Seixas Bernardo Poetsch. You could hear the whisper of prayer kneelers in the church with the breviary. Blew up with great sobs. Incense smoke and turificado permeated the environment
Four Benedictine novices chanted the chant. The monotonous tune dragged from prayer in divine chant cheer bystanders praying.
On the altar of N. S. Lourdes was the celebrant Canon Gustavo Neves, state representative and S. Bento a Franciscan priest, Father Luke.
In these altars Masses ended at 9 hours and 50 minutes, finishing the main altar at 9 hours and 55 minutes, making themselves heard once again, the chant.
Carried out the aforesaid liturgical Catholic, a group of six students went to get the coffin on top of the catafalque. At 10 hours and 15 minutes, the coffin was laid in rich mortório coach, which was drawn by three pairs of horses beautiful dark brown, emantandos crepe, and organized a second funeral procession that followed the following order:
Ahead, the coach who led the casket, the flag of the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, the statue with the chapel of the said College of artificial flowers, a wide range of colored silk lily, it read: Homage of the faculty and students of the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, the deceased's family chapel, the flagship of the Faculty of Law, the chapel of the aforesaid School, which was crafted of natural flowers, waiting white and purple carnations, roses, jasmine and chrysanthemum, threaded by an extensive and wide range of white silk with the words: "To the wise master dr. Nina Rodrigues honor of the student body of the Law School. "Chapels of the family of Dr. Bomfim and many others, the standard of the Polytechnic School, the statue with the same chapel, as a reminder of acendrado love of work and activity the illustrious dead scientist, the guild that school, in a happy moment of inspiration, he had made in the form of a locomotive, craftsmanship which was prepared by Mr.. Joaquim da Silva Senna, distinguished public servant, with sighs purple and white. The sides of the driver's home, they could see the two dates 1862 and 1906, the birth and death of the illustrious scientist. This locomotive slid on a plane covered with white flowers. In large swathes of purple silk, fringed with gold, it read "Homage of the Polytechnic School; several other chapels, one of the bands music. And 2. No bodies of Police, and 5. Battalion of artillery.
Along the way, great mass of people had gathered tightly in the streets where the procession passed, extending into the necropolis. Leading the hearse went Drs Braz do Amaral, Aurelio Vianna.
About 11 hours was taken into the procession at the cemetery of Campo Santo. The coffin was then taken from the mortuary by counselor coach Carneiro da Rocha, Dr. Braz do Amaral, Alfredo Vianna and Augustus Muyallert, American scholars Peter, Oscar and Luis Loureiro, Augusto Dias and First Lieutenant Dr. Themistocles Nina Rodrigues, brother of the lamented dead.
In the chapel of the cemetery, the Rev. Chaplain, hyssop the body with holy water, proceeded to the commendation of the body, gripping the handles of the coffin to the edge of the grave, and Drs Alfredo Britto Braz do Amaral, Ernesto Simões da Silva Freitas, academics Luis and Oscar Loureiro, Evandro Pinho, Floro and Oscar Ferreira Cunha. The coffin was then placed on a dais covered with black and silver fringe, and took the podium that had been raised to five steps away from the said platform, the scholar of law Aydano Sampaio, who delivered a moving speech laudatory.



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