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 Paulista, born in the capital of São Paulo, on November 13, 1880. His parents were Paul and Sebastiana Bourroul, cousins, descendants of Etienne Bourroul, French immigrant.
Celestine began his studies at the school of Father Ippolito, completing them in the St. Louis College of Itu.
In early 1899, came to Salvador, where he enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia.
After a brilliant course in which achieved excellent grades in all the chairs, stuck the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1904.
His thesis inaugural truly innovative, focused on "Mosquitoes in Brazil." This thesis resulted from a comprehensive field work, he has performed on the island of Itaparica. "Celestino created a mosquito in the water environment of bromeliads. He described seven new species, of which one was certainly discovered by him, which gave an important contribution to Parasitology. The dissertation, which considered of great importance for medicine, gave him the highest score, lamenting the board of examiners does not exist "praise superior" awards for it. Meanwhile, he received the distinction of "winner", which gave the students an outstanding intelligence, exceptional and exemplary use, the prize of a trip to Europe "(1).
Is perfected, the young doctor in France, Germany and Austria.
In France, he studied with Professor Grasset, doctor of international renown and the Pasteur Institute in Montpellier, where the famous bacteriologist Professor Rolart, ordered him to organize the course in microbiology. In Berlin, matured in the laboratory of Professor of Pathology Ortti. In Vienna, specializes, the best masters in Clinical Medicine, Radiology and Pathology.
Bahia was waiting with open arms, certain that Celestine would continue the course charted by Wucherer, Paterson and Lima Silva.
Celestino Bourroul, however, returned to Sao Paulo.
Set up his office in the state capital, approached the largest and clinical scientists of his home state, becoming Professor of Parasitology at the newly created Faculty of Medicine of São Paulo.
Performed invaluable work in the field of his specialty. He wrote numerous articles in scientific journals, gave lectures in Brazil and abroad, participated in medical institutions, national and international.
In 1950, when he held the chair of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, University of São Paulo, withdrew under a doctor with the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.
Retired at seventy-two years, continued working at his private clinic.
He died on October 9, 1958.
His last recommendation was: "To all a" God bless you "and a" Goodbye "- up in heaven where we'll meet one day, no more separations for ever" (ibid.).

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