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"Here it is dead! Finally also inanimate

Among the surprise glacial troop that felt,

Kneels before her body bloody and heroic ...

I had so much value in fighting raging

That seems unfair that death concerned,

Dazzled with amazement, that noble life ...


HERO(Inspired by War of Canudos)


Born: February 8, 1879, his parents being Francis and Augusta Calvacanti Mangabeira Mangabeira.
Undertaken preparatory studies, with rare brilliance, he joined the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, in 1895.
When studying the third year of medical school, there was the War of Straws and he volunteered to serve in the Army Medical Corps. He worked with great dedication and patriotism, standing on the battlefield until the end of strife.
After the melee, she returned to the banks academics, graduating at the end of 1900.
"Influenced by the French liberalism, he devoted himself more to literature than to medicine" would Lacaz Carlos da Silva (3).
Medical student or doctor never stopped rhyme.
In 1898, he published "Hostiário. In 1900, "Intimate Pages" (prose). In 1902, "Ihalmo. In 1903, "Letters from the Amazon." In 1906, "Last Poems."
Is the author of the anthem of the State of Acre.
He died on January 27, 1904, still young, only twenty-five years of age, when traveling aboard the ship "San Salvador".
Buried in São Luiz do Maranhão.
"It was the last of the three greatest poets that death robbed Bahia, Eugenio Gomes said. Pedro Calmon, tracing her profile, she continues: "Mangabeira Francisco poet was a splendid spontaneity, and some of their production, comparable to the largest. Shook him back a surprising energy between pessimistic and heroic, in a stunning set of bitterness and strength that reminded the disappointments of youth touched by misfortune, and the scenes of souls from their surroundings, and adverse fate, who was struggling with "(3 ).
These words of his brother, Otavio Mangabeira: "In the third year of medical school at eighteen years of age, volunteered to serve in government hospitals for blood. The disgrace of the country music inspired him to fight the poems "Epic Tragedy". After completing medical school, in their twenties, had already highlighted, so impressive in the lyrics. However, in lack of employment was to be a doctor of ships of Maranhao. Yesterday Canudos outside that attracts. Now, Maranhão. They would excite him the mysteries of the Amazon, which had the struggle for the conquest of Acre and the exploits of Placido de Castro. "The Letters of Amazonas, a series of hits he wrote for" The Diary of Bahia, "are pages that do honor to his qualities as a writer" (1).

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