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Son of Prof. Maltez Aristides Pereira, Carlos Maltez was the follower of the meritorious work of his father.
Nobody better than Hannibal Silvany Son, traced the profile of the great oncologist.
Here it is:
"We were young when we met. It was a friendship born frank, cordial, fraternal, where mutual empathy and the adoption of common ideals, made it grow stronger. I felt early on the vocation of enlightened friend, stubbornly committed to the further the dream of his illustrious father. Managed by the example of a relevant and compelling speech, adding close to him, a group of young people willing to help you. I remember the preparatory meetings and scientific in the narrow room on the estate "Good Luck", donated by the intervenor to the newly founded Landulfo Alves Bahiana League Against Cancer. The participants, few actually had the sacred fire of determination of a breath that was single-minded, as I appreciate over the years. We were in 1946, shortly after the end of World War II. The miracle came, step by step effort to effort, seasoned with sacrifice, but not dismal.
In 1952, we began partially constructed at the Hospital, health care and education and research track. Carlos at his side Luiz Neves, Alexinaldo Portela, were relentless. Then a team of youngsters, all possessed, infected by the same ideal, thronged. It was an epic that refines and makes me nostalgic. We planted, all of us a fruitful seed. The work moved society, the rulers, the people and never lacked support. We worked and donated wages, and Luiz Carlos Neves undaunted, bypassed the waves were growing more the merits of the Hospital.
Carlos was human, excellent surgeon, completely dominating the pelvic anatomy and ushering in Salvador, the radical operations, as recommended in the treatment of gynecologic cancer. Many disciples, including his daughters medical, talented and competent.
Never failed to encourage those who were near him, because without fatuous vanity, not bothered about the success of their colleagues.
He loved his work and profession. He told me he wanted to die and it was working. On a gray morning, we find ourselves in the parlor of comfort Surgeons. Sitting beside him, the odd grim countenance, and always miss our lively conversation with old friends and fraternal, I became more concerned because they were around her daughters and sons in law, also doctors, all tense.
At midmorning, the news reached me of his death. On the previous night had suffered extensive myocardial infarction, and his physician recommended that maintained absolute rest in bed. He refused to be hospitalized. Soon arose, and contrary to the calls of family, headed for the operation, where I met him, all unaware. Died, as desired, in the sacred pleasure of helping others, in the exercise of their profession ... "
Thus died in the early sixties, Carlos Maltez, Professor of Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health, author of countless jobs in the field of oncology, idealistic unparalleled, unforgettable figure of Brazilian medicine.

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