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Born in Salvador, June 26, 1897. His parents were John Baptist de Sá Oliveira and Antonia de Sá Oliveira.
He graduated in Medicine in 1922, the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia.
They were classmates: Alvaro Conde Lemos, Hector Praguer Froes,
Paulo da Silva Rocha Pirajá and Raphael de Menezes Silva. Alvaro Conde Lemos was a professor at the Faculty. Hector Praguer Froes, student winner was Professor of Clinical Surgery Propedêutica and 1st Chair of Clinical Surgery, Secretary of Health and Edcação of Bahia and a member of the Academia de Letras da Bahia. Paulo Rocha Pirajá, son of Prof. Manoel da Silva Augusto Pirajá was also awarded student. Raphael de Menezes Silva was Professor of Topographical Anatomy (3).
From 1923, he taught Physics, Chemistry, Education and Law School, the Normal School of Bahia, where he was professor.
In the same condition, he taught physics at the Gymnasium of Bahia and Physics and Chemistry, in Educandário of Pardons.
In the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, was Assistant Anatomy (1927), Professor of Clinical Surgery-free (1931) and Professor of Surgery Propedêutica (from 1932). In 1942, while professor, underwent the contest for the chair of clinical surgery. Accepted, teaches courses remained until 1962, the year of his retirement., Published twenty-two scientific papers and participated in various cultural and scientific institutions.
He held the clinic at the Hospital Isolation (current Court Maia Hospital), Hospital Santa Izabel, the Association of Public Employees and Bahia in Salvador City Hall.
In private practice, he attended the Hospital and Hospital Portuguese, Spanish and limited select clientele.
In press, published the life and work of one hundred twenty-two masters of medicine in Bahia.
As a memoirist, wrote the Historical Memory of the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, concerning the year 1942.
As a surgeon, was always up and active, even in the harshest conditions.
"Man is elegant to wear and in interpersonal dealings, Professor Eduardo de Sá Oliveira was a master in the broadest sense of vacábulo. Ethics taught by example. Honesty, by his conduct. Friendship, for his devotion. Labour, for their accomplishments. Science, in their classes and publications. Technique in surgical interventions. Discretion in its conduct. Sense, in their attitudes "(1).
Your Historical Memory is an unprecedented work. "The author, Milton says Geraldo da Silveira, did not merely record the events during that year. In addition to the detailed account of the events, elaborated on the Law of Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Open License, High School, Suggestions for the Improvement of Education, School of Military Medicine, etc.. "(Ibid.).
Transcribed letters from teachers, reports, programs, schedules, and finally, iconography and bibliography of deceased teachers.
The Historical Memory of 1942, authored by Prof.. Sá Oliveira, is a classic work, essential for any student of medicine.

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