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  Born: April 11, 1891, in Belmont, and his parents pharmacist Caleon Bernardo Guimarães de Oliveira and Arminda Candida de Souza Guimarães.At two years old, moved with his family to Salvador, where he conducted the first studies in the College of St. Joseph, under the direction of Professor Ram Tertullian. He joined the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, for which he was graduated in 1912.After graduation, he settled in Feira de Santana, where he practiced medicine for over forty years. Poet, journalist and teacher, loved books, reading them every day from 21 am to 2 am.As a journalist, writing daily in various periodicals in the region.I admired and liked to recite the poetry of Castro Alves, Olavo Bilac and sent for his wife and daughters, love poems, using carrier pigeons that he himself created.Always understanding and caring with his students, taught in the College Santanópolis and other educational establishments. In 1932 he was appointed professor of Portuguese Language and Literature at the Normal School, which was later director (1938-1943). After his death, the Normal School was renamed the Institute is Gaston Guimarães.As a physician, treated his patients as if they were members of his own family, never distinguishing between rich and poor. Extremely charitable, often remedied the difficulties of the needy, donating funds from their own pockets.He knew Latin, French, Portuguese, Spanish and a smattering of Greek.Held several positions such as Medical City and the Santa Casa de Misericordia. Was Delegate School. He was Vice President of Bahia Medical Association and Regional President of Feira de Santana.On the occasion of his death on August 24, 1954, local media expressed thus: "Doctor, has practiced medicine as a priesthood. Came, still young, to Feira de Santana and here, gray hairs already reached the end of its existence as arrived here: friend and selfless, idealistic and poor, giving them all what she could, asking nothing for themselves, requiring or asking anyone else. Professor, served as the teaching apostolate. Beletrista and intellectual, was brilliant in the many activities of her spirit of choice. And yet, the more adamant that this spirit flickered and was the refuge of righteousness attitudes, the reserve of moral forces, the grandeur of a flawless character, sense of justice, love to truth. A great, noble and illustrious citizen. "BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOURCES1. Almeida, Damião de Oscar - Dictionary of Feira de Santana (2 ª. Edition). Fair, 20062. Bahia Coelho, Thereza Chistina - Dr. G. Guimarães. Memory of the Academy of Medicine of Feira de Santana. Feira de Santana, 2007.3. North Sheet. Issue of August 28, 1954. Fair, 1954.4. Leite, Geraldo - Reminiscences. Fair, 20075. Memory of the Academy of Medicine of Feira de Santana. Fair, 2007.

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