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"A people that does not bow before the suffering
That resist and fight!
Which is still orderly and supportive
Despite the hunger and cold no withdrawals
Despite the sadness, survives
Despite the bitterness, believes in the future.
The deepest reverence to the Japanese people on this blog
and a desire that the suffering and pass back the joy ..."


Born: March 3, 1904, in Salvador, and his parents Antonio de Seixas Salles and Salles Eloisa Rocha.
Completed preparatory studies, he joined in 1924, the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, for which he was graduated in Medicine, in 1929. Among his many classmates, Bahia highlight Alfredo Monteiro, Herval Tarquin de Jesus, Jose Adeodato de Souza Filho, Lafayete Coutinho de Albuquerque and Rodrigo Ferrão Argollo Bulcão of (future teachers of the Faculty), Aristotle Calazans Simões (one of the founders of the Faculty of Medical Alagoas), Oscar Gordilho Velloso (Student Prize Laureate Professor Manoel Victorino Pereira, for having achieved the highest overall average in the discipline and activities during the apprenticeship doctor) and Ruy de Lima Maltez (future president of the Institute of History of Bahiano Medicine and Allied Sciences, a prominent member of the Academy of Medicine of Bahia, and as a student, president of the Center Hospital of Pro-) (2).
Completed medical school, moved to the city of Caldas do Cipo, where he reaped the clinic and valuable material for his doctoral thesis entitled "Water-term radiative Caldas de Vine.
From 1932 to 1934 was Assistant 2nd. Chair of Anatomy, School of Medicine.
In 1936, he apprenticed at the Department of Child Surgery and Orthopedics Professor Puech Resende in São Paulo.
Returning to his homeland, he devoted himself to the study of Orthopedics and Traumatology.
In 1946 he won the title of Professor of Clinical Surgery-Free Kids and Orthopedics, with a thesis entitled "Around the supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children.
Four years later, ie in 1950, ran for Chair in Child Surgery and Orthopedics, when he defended a thesis on the treatment of congenital foot varus equine.
In 1953, returning from Germany, introduced the first orthopedic workshop in Bahia.
Headed the Sector Clinical Professor of Clinical Hospital. Edgard Santos and, from 1960 to 1962, he was director of the School of Medicine, Federal University of Bahia.
At age 65, retired from medical school and continued in full practice of the specialty, Clinic of Orthopedics and Traumatology (TOC) in Salvador.
Bearer of various scientific papers, in Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Uruguay, he chaired the Regional Council of Medicine of Bahia, presented several papers on his specialty in Congress and has published numerous articles in medical journals.
He died suddenly in Acapulco, Mexico, on October 9, 1976, and was buried on the 12th, the city of Salvador.

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2. Tavares-Neto, Jose - 1812 to 2008 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia. Academy of Medicine of Feira de Santana. Feira de Santana, 2008.

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