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Cezar Augusto de Araujo was born in Salvador, on May 17, 1898.
In 1915, with only fifteen, he enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, for which he was graduated in 1920.
In the years immediately would be the 1st Assistant Chair of Clinical Medicine, in 1927, senior professor, in 1930, ruler of the 1st chair of Clinical Medicine, in 1946, ruler of the 3rd Chair of Clinical Medicine, in 1949, professor.
"Despite its essentially clinical training, has not deviated from Phthisiology, where he excelled brilliantly" (1).
When Phthisiology became a compulsory subject in medical curriculum, Cezar Araujo devoted to the Pulmonology, which would be the pioneer in Bahia.
He gathered his disciples and they began to study the non-tuberculous lung diseases.
He became a devoted teacher. His expertise was recognized in Bahia in Brazil and abroad.
He delivered lectures and lectured at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Brazil, School of Medical Sciences of Buenos Aires and several other medical teaching institutions.
At the Federal University of Bahia taught, in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry (Dental Therapy), School of Nursing (General Physiology) and the Faculty of Philosophy (General Biology).
He joined numerous competitions examiner. He participated in dozens of conferences of Clinical Medicine, and Pulmonary Phthisiology. Extensive bibliography published in medical journals from Brazil and other countries.
In the field of Public Health, he held positions of highest importance.
Upon reaching the apex of his career, Costa Macedo said: "We arrived at old age compared with the ardor of youth and the ideal of youth" (ibid.).
Cezar Araujo was an enviable intellectual. There were studies of his own tasteful, in the form of speeches, articles and lectures. Classical music, was an ardent votary.
On October 11, 1956, the Academy of Arts, Bahia welcomed him as one of its members.
In 1967, he retired from the Federal University of Bahia and the university gave to the great master, the title of Professor Emeritus.
He died on December 4, 1969.
Jorge Novis, emotional, wrote: "... led to the patient, healing and hope, lit the disciples for their individual choice of destinations; academies sprinkled the blessed heritage of their wisdom, turned their energies on the flag of a struggle, building clinics, building hospitals, erecting foundations, addressing the public health, and dreamed in obsessive towards the extinction of tuberculosis. Sculpted, because his own life, higher standard of spirituality that honors a race. "

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