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Born June 5, 1846 in Salvador.
Pasted degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1867, the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia.
They were classmates: Augusto César Torres Barrense, Aprígio Menezes Martins, Celestino Antonio Sampaio, Jayme Smith Servant, Manoel Ignacio Leonesio Pontes.Todos Lisbon and Ulysses, as medical students, participated in the Health Service of the Army during the War Paraguay (4).
Opposed by tender of the Surgical Section, in 1871. Competitor (okay, not named) to the chair of Pathology Foreign (1874). Lens Professor of General Anatomy and Pathology in 1882. Lens Histology in 1882.
State Public Health Officer.
Student Laureate, visited on several occasions, the Old World, where he conducted medical studies in the major capitals of the continent.
"Humanist and competent clinician, and taking medicine as a true priesthood, devoted himself exclusively to his patients, who received his exquisite care of its high capacity and confidence that he knew by imposing mild tract and dedication which enshrined the sick who had the fortune to have it at his head "(3).
Collaborated on various scientific and lay journals, especially in the Gazeta Médica da Bahia ", where he was founder, director and chief supporter for more than half a century.
Twice he was director of the Medical School of Bahia. The first, in 1884, as chief deputy. The second, as elected director from 1895 to 1898, when he resigned for political reasons.
During the War of Tizi, transformed the school into a hospital, adjusting offices and classrooms in wards in order to serve 521 patients, of whom only four died.
"Anatomist, surgeon, obstetrician, general practitioner, hygienist, a professor of boos disciplines, humanistic, finally, a sage, Pacific Pereira full justice is deserved the title" Preceptor Brasilae, "which was awarded by Congress, held in Rio de January, 1922 (1).
Antonio Simões reveals: "The great and exceptional personalities can sometimes produce certain tics. Pacific did not escape. He expressed a frequent blinking of eyes that earned him an opportunity to some slight embarrassment while traveling in one of the Circle Line streetcars.
Looking carelessly, the driver of the vehicle he was traveling, the master drummer eyelid a few times, and the driver had a girl in his vicinity thought he, Pacific, wanted to pay the passage of the unknown girl ... "(3)
The great doctor, one of the largest in Brazil, died in Salvador, day18 November 1922.


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