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 In 1939, after efficient teaching career, reached at the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, the chair of Pharmacology and Develop Art, succeeding Professor Menezes.
In 1854, the chair Pharmacology and Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Art Formulate, was split into two: Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Thirty years later, in 1884, was established chair of Pharmacology and Develop Art, occupied successively by Professors Rosendo Guimarães (1884 - 1890) Victor Falcão (1891-1917), Friedrich Koch (1917-1918), San Fernando Paul (1919-1925) and finally, Bezerra de Menezes (1925-1937).
Vacant chair in 1937, was open contest, which ran Edgard Pires da Veiga. Accepted, became the sixth occupant of that chair.
Intelligent, knowledgeable expertise and, above all, endowed with extraordinary communication skills, uttered lessons enjoyable, highly praised by students.
For lectures, preferred Amphitheatre Braga. The theoretical, the office of his assistant, Professor Jose Luis Pinto, were held at the office of Pharmacology.
Professor Edgard da Veiga Pires was a member of several cultural and scientific institutions. Published several papers on pharmacology and the art of formulating, in particular the following "Action Framacodinâmica of quinine on the heart" (1939) and "The influence of changes of surface tension on the preparation and stability of emulsions" (1940).
Occupied at the invitation of Professor Jorge Valente, the chair of Pharmacology at Bahia School of Medicine, where he was replaced years later by Prof.. Penildon Silva.
In public life, among other positions, he was Secretary of Health, Government Juracy Magalhães Montenegro, replacing Professor Jayme Sá Menezes.
In the Salvadoran society, enjoyed the reputation of countless friends, who frequented his house often.
Odorico Tavares, "Bahia, Images of Land and the People," award-winning book on the Sao Paulo Biennial in 1961, says the most famous of all the lunches offered to Cosmas and Damian, was the residence of the Professor Edgard Pires da Veiga.
The great writer, poet and art collector, says the purpose of these lunches, the following: "His wife, d. Haydee Pires da Veiga, features dozens of dishes of pure african-Brazilian cuisine, which are the delight of guests. Watered with French wines, liqueurs preceded genipap land. Their lunches celebration of the two saints are a delight of his friends, who eagerly await them. It is the couple pays sincere tribute to St. Cosmas and St. Damian, as it has two beautiful mabaças, which are devoted protectors of their divine "
 Mabaças, according to dictionaries, are twins.

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