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In my student days, 2nd Chair of Internal Medicine, the fifth-year medical student, had the professor Professor José Olympio da Silva stands out among his assistants, his son, Cicero Adolfo da Silva.
In the words of Thomas Cross, Cicero Adolfo da Silva was an artist of communication, "who taught us to talk to patients and get the story of his ailments - the interview."
For Rodolfo Teixeira, José Olympio da Silva met with efficiency, serenity, modesty and discretion the role of teaching with the patient wards and outpatient clinics. "


These are the words of Mario Augusto de Castro Lima, taken in the Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Bahia, on the centenary of the birth of Professor José Olympio da Silva: "At the time of the voices brilliant, lucid, beautiful, large speakers and teachers who enriched this University - Almir de Oliveira Pinto de Carvalho Magalhães Neto, Estacio de Lima, Aristides Novis, among many - José Olympio murmured their lessons, especially their clinical practices, where whispering in the ears of students and patients, as no want to bother them or tease them with the truths of his science, not always auspicious in their diagnoses and predictions, trying to fluff his voice the roughness of adverse challenges to patients and disciples, the rudeness of predictions and prescriptions, that each other and the doctor and especially the teacher of medicine is compelled to do. "
Strictly speaking, complemented Professor Mário Augusto de Castro Lima, José Olympio not just listen to the heart with his stethoscope, he were talking
Behold the man, here's the truth!


"Your time, says the biographer has said, was lost (or won himself) in classrooms, wards of the indigent, the ante-mornings and afternoons in the office, at home by the incessant pilgrimage of the afflicted."
Very reluctantly, however, their culture, their knowledge contradicted humility and modesty, and he, to meet friends, took some positions and functions which brightens with diligence and honesty.
So did the Federal Board of Education, Advisory Council Member, Chair of the Music Institute of Bahia, the Director of the Hospital Santa Isabel and the direction of the School of Medicine


Finally, will become his disciple and friend, Professor Mario Augusto de Castro Lima, which, thinking to have him come to Eternity, said:
"I saw him reach the gates of Heaven and hear the inevitable question made by John the Baptist -
QUIS ES TU DICES QUID FOR TE ISPO? (Who are you? What you say about yourself ?)... And his humble response of worthlessness that unfairly modesty made him give up, "I am one that was not up to tie the laces of his shoes from my teachers, my friends, my disciples, my patients, my colleagues ... "Against this response, Master, rising up in his posterity, his family, his friends, his disciples and most of all its medical school."
Here is a picture of the humblest of my teachers ...

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