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Born: October 3, 1925, in Salvador. His parents:  Cesar de Castro Lima  and Leonor Castro Lima Damasio.
"My mother said Humberto, was a friend and adviser, short and strong; my father was tall, bold, affectionate and explosive" (1). And: "I saw the nail, where we plunged his crane, not always in heels very ornamental. I saw the forts of Gamboa, San Pedro, San Antonio, Santa Maria and the Lighthouse Bar. I saw the public promenade, with its zoo. I saw boys of St. Raymond of Sprouts, Red River, the Powder Field, of the Afflicted, boys and adolescents in gangs, heroic, training to be adults, fighting among themselves and conquering land more imaginary than real, throughout the process where the fantasy of conquest or the loss of everything, the glory or disgrace of power and subjugation, punishment or forgiveness, of being a coward or hero, of being clever or innocent, were gradually giving way when passing the years, to the reality of life "(ibid.).
Carried out the preparatory Salvador, and joined the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, for which he was graduated in 1948.
Looking to acquire solid training in ophthalmology, he went to the United States, where he did graduate as a Junior Resident, Senior Resident and Surgeon at the New York Eye Ear Infirmary.
In 1970 he returned to the same center and, once again, expanded their knowledge.
Your participation in national and international awards and honors, specialization and extension courses, made the young ophthalmologist one of the best known and respected in the country.
Doctor of Medicine, Faculty-free, Clinical Assistant for New York and Ear Infermary, Wizard Eye Clinic Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health, and Professor Pofessor by tender are only a few strides of his brilliant career.
Creator, founder and director of the Brazilian Institute of Ophthalmology and the Prevention of Blindness (IBOPC), Honorary Chairman and General Coordinator of the Bahia Foundation for Development of Sciences, served Humberto Castro Lima, with tenacity, idealism and extraordinary effort, the noblest aspirations of Bahian society.
For everything that was and everything he did as a doctor, teacher, educator and citizen, entitled Our deserves the recognition of the medical profession and all those who were benefited by it.
Died July 2, 2008, in Salvador, after having provided numerous benefits to the land that served as a cradle.


1. Castro Lima, Humberto - Speech at the City of Salvador in the medal ceremony Thomé de Souza. Annals Academy of Medicine of Bahia, Volume 10, December, 1994.
2. Costa Macedo, Luiz Humberto Castro-Lima. Annals Academy of Medicine of Bahia, Volume 1, April, 1978.

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