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 Born in Kennington, London, August 6, 1796.
At age 16, went to Brazil, bringing the city of Salvador.
In 1916, he joined the Surgical Medical College of Bahia, with 20 years of age.
Completed the course in Surgical Medical College, received the title of Surgeon Approved and may exercise only, surgery.
In 1821, became surgeon graduate, entitled to exercise the Surgery and Medicine.
Started in 1825, teaching as a substitute lens Chair of Anatomy. In 1827 he was appointed assistant professor and chair of operations and deliveries, the following year, lens Surgical replacement of the chairs.
In 1828 he was promoted to chair of the lens owner of General and Descriptive Anatomy, succeeding Dr. José Soares de Castro.
In March 1830, was authorized by contract, to engage in Surgery and Medicine, in all parts of the Empire of Brazil.
In the same year he went to Europe to attend classes in London, Paris and Italy.
On August 26, 1831, he received a doctorate in surgery at the University of Palermo.
He returned to Bahia, where he arrived on August 18, 1832.
He was appointed Surgeon of Santa Casa da Misericordia, where he was chief surgeon, sometime later.
In 1835, after the thesis defense, received the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the Medical College Surgical Bahia.
In January 1838, organized the repression will Sabinada and in March 1842, received the habit of the Imperial Order of Christ, the degree of Knight.
In 1844 he was appointed Chairman of the Health Commission.
On December 9, 1848, was honored with the Order of the Rose, the degree of Knight (from the Official, the following year).
In 1849, he was elected president of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Bahia.
In 1851 he received the Order of Our Lady of Conception of Vila Viçosa, the degree of Commander (Portugal) in 1852, the Order of Vasa (Sweden) and in 1855 was admitted as a member of the Academy of Medical Surgical Genoa.
Many other honors have been bestowed, before and after being retired on June 28, 1961.
He has authored over 30 papers, many of which were published after his death on March 8, 1868, the capital of Bahia.
Regarding Councillor Abbott, Sá Oliveira said: "As interested in the science and art, was a passionate collector and organized, and an anatomical museum, the most important country in its time, a precious collection of paintings - the familiar Abbot gallery, with 391 pieces, broken in published catalog, thanks to the efforts of the wise Pirajá Smith. "
It was a great surgeon, and one of the greatest anatomists that Brazil met.

1. Abbott Galvão, Fernando - The Diary of Jonathan Abbott. Rio de Janeiro, 2007.

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