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 Born October 11, 1874, in Ingenio Santa Cruz County Santo Amaro.
His parents were Americo Ribeiro de Souza and Maria Luiza Garcez Froes Froes.
He learned the first letters with Professor Raymond Bizarria. Subsequent studies conducted in Salvador and joined the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, in which pasted the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1895.
They were classmates, among others, Egas Moniz Barreto de Aragão and Jose Adeodato de Souza, who became - like him - distinguished professors of obsolete cradle of Brazilian Medicine.
In 1896, graduated in Pharmacy in the same college.
In 1890 he was appointed by the state government committee to combat yellow fever and then against malaria.
Invited by Prof.. Alfredo Thome de Britto, was admitted to the chair of Clinical Propedêutica with Wizard. Ran out to tender for replacement lens of the 5th Section, and in 1911 he was appointed professor at the 3rd. Chair of Clinical Medicine.
In 1896, he began to substitute lens of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Law, a position which he assumed in 1899 after a brilliant contest.
Carlos said Marcílio: "John was an Americo Garcez Froes cultivator of classical learning. Developed extensive interests in the sciences, the humanities and aesthetics, being elected to the Academia de Letras da Bahia. As a physician, was considered of encyclopedic knowledge. But it was primarily a clinician with extensive understanding and apprenticeship in semiology, pathology and infectious and parasitic diseases "(4).
"For many years, said Sá Menezes, had the privilege of living with the eminent teacher and enjoy his esteem, and thus can evaluate him the undeviating rectitude of character, the care of education, culture profundez, rising principles, the purity of ideas, the altitude of the ideals, the spirit civic, the boldness, the candor, always to truth and justice, science, letters and Fatherland "(5).
And more: "It was one of the last and perfect humanist, able to read Greek and speak the language of Virgil, who knew and add to the breadth of scientific knowledge, the profusion of its general knowledge, all understanding and being able to discuss the several themes of classical culture. And such was its size and its intangible moral knowledge, that Silvio Valente, his former student, reaching with its venom to many masters, he stopped before the figure of the grand and hallowed Garcez Froes: - "An institution". Another qualifier would not play the best who actually met and know so much composure, as much pride and modesty. And not without reason that Lafaiete Spinola, another of his distinguished disciples, after her partner at the Law School and the Academy of Arts, considered the "Atlantic", such was the breadth of his knowledge, the extent of his wisdom "(ibid.) .
It was the president of the Academy of Medicine of Bahia and belonged to numerous other institutions.
Published books, monographs and articles on various topics of interest to medical, legal and social.
He died on September 17, 1964.

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