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Born nd Bonsucesso Farm, Municipality of Concepcion de Almeida, 17 May 1884, Her parents being Colonel José Leandro and Maria Amelia Gesteira Martagão Gesteira.
Studies done in the Primary School of Public THEIR homeland, AND there's Secondary School Gymnasium San Salvador, in Salvador.
In 1902, he enrolled nd Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, was why the title of Doctor in Medicine in 1908, THESIS epidemic defender, entitled "Etiology and diagnosis of septicemia Bruce."
 That tells Eliezer Audíface Martagão Gesteira "Young GP, still unknown, so when a company called Bahia OS authoritative Family Physicians Health care of for Her, Once, A Child ill tendon, Sickness What YOU THE It was bleeding and swollen knees as gums, in spite of the Whole salicylates with other treatments and drugs, since the parent of the child Desperate listened to the advice of friend hum.
- Ha, Here in the City, Young hum Doctor Who the other day I spoke nesse Very kind of disease that he had read in a French magazine, "said the friend.
Dr. WAS Gesteira called. Suspended a medication, counseling given to Patient Who Had orange juice and lemon juice, generous quantities them.
It was a surprise to the General Child Recovery. It was Barlow's Disease Moller, scurvy, a avitaminosis C, which is cured at the time with the juice of Citrus Fruits, POIs so much AFTER BEEN synthesize ascorbic acid. "(2).
He adds: "More disappointed and was jealous of Medical Assistants hum, Prof. Anísio Oak Circle, spoke with Gesteira What a touch of irony -" My Dear Colleague, I do not wonder if you Within a short time, Young will venous injections do Caldo de Cana "(ibid.).
The Clinic of Dr. Gesteira flourished in an extraordinary way.
Fronted So Rare Success, Home DEU Martagão Gesteira a Teaching Career.
In 1911, WAS Assistant Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedic, professor na Replacing the Regency Chair, in 1912 and 1913.
In March 1912, WAS Competition appointed by, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics. In 1914, Extraordinary Professor of the same chair. In November 1915, the professor.
In 1935, he directed the state Department of Children, installing offices of prenatal care and child hygiene, 'all' in OS districts of Salvador. Installed and has run a School Childcare Raimundo Magalhaes, located no Campo Grande.
In 1937, already renowned in the whole country, Visiting Professor WAS 1st paragraph of the Chair of Child Care and Early Childhood Clinic nd Faculty of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro, organize and direct the Office of Child Care ", City THE SAME.
He was Director of the National Department of Children and founded in Bahia, the League Against Child Mortality Bahia (Bahia Today Alvaro League Against Infant Mortality).
As Professor remained at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, ate in 1954, when he died.
State was the proprietor of the National Academy of Medicine and published numerous works About Pediatrics, in Brazil and other countries they.
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