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Born: June 27, 1907 in Cascavel, State of Ceara.
As a child in his hometown, nourished the dream of one day becoming a doctor.
After finishing the preparations, he joined in 1929 at the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, for which he was graduated in 1934, having as patron Prof. Estacio de Lima.
They were classmates, among others, Alvaro Tourinho Junqueira Ayres, Marback Heitor da Costa Pinto, José Pedro Bezerra, Narbal Alves Guimarães and Renato Marques Lobo.
On the occasion of his birth centenary, the Journal of the Regional Council of Medicine of Bahia, "commemorating the event, said the renowned pediatrician, having lived so many years, saw" two World Wars, the Revolution of 1932, the suicide of Getulio Vargas, the military coup of 1964, the Twin Towers attack and, God willing, as it is religious, will attend the commemoration of 200 years of the Faculty of the Shrine of Jesus. "
On the same occasion, Dr. Joseph Peroba said: "I am the time of the Sabbath, where men dominated the medical course, which was a heavy coat, tie, hat, closed shoes and socks to the knee. Today everyone is more comfortable, which I think is better "...
He worked at the Health Center's Freedom Road, where he spent fifteen years. There, despite the lack of water is a common headache, held about twenty-five thousand queries, supplied the deficiencies of public health and has become aware of the social aspect of their profession "(1)
'To pay the pension where he lived and taught geography and Portuguese in the College Antonio Vieira "(ibid.).
In Pupileira, institution maintained by the Santa Casa de Misericordia of Bahia, has worked for over fifty years.
Its effective action, humanitarian and constant, various entities benefited foremost among them the Martagão Gesteira Hospital, Bahia Society of Pediatrics and the Naval Hospital.
He died on August 13, 2010.
Humanist, enjoyed the beautiful letters, reciting from memory, with one hundred years old, several sonnets, of which the favorite was "Contrasts", authored by Fr Anthony Thomas, the "prince of poets Ceará"

(Fr Anthony Thomas)

                          "When we started in the prime of life
                           Flourishing of life on the road,
                           Hopes go ahead with us
                           And go behind the disappointments.

                           Laughing and singing, swift and proud
                           Come marching carelessly ...
                            But then comes old age suddenly
                            Dispelling illusions, killing mistakes.

                            So we see clearly
                            Whether there is quick and deceptive,
                            And we see exactly what happens
                            The opposite of boyhood,

                            The disillusion us go ahead,
                            And hopes are getting behind. "

1. Cremeb Journal, August / October 2007. Salvador, Bahia.
2. Tavares-Neto, 1812 to 2008 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia. Academy of Medicine of Feira de Santana, Feira de Santana, 2008.

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