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I have vague memories of when I met Professor Hosannah de Oliveira. It was back in 1938.
I was 12 years old Salvador, and visited with my parents when I suffered a severe allergic attack.
My parents, guided by friends, led me to that calm and smiling doctor, who reassured us, returning to health.
At that time he still was not a Professor of Pediatrics. The owner was Alfredo de Magalhães who remained in office until 1941, when he was replaced by Pinto de Carvalho.

Not that the past twelve years, when I was 24 years old, about to finish medical school reunion the same dr. Hosannah, calm, smiling a little more bald, uttering my first class of sixth-year medical student?

Besides excellent teacher, Dr. Hosannah exercised at that time, another facet of his personality: the leader of the class. He was a founder of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, Society of Pediatrics Bahia, the Brazilian Medical Association, Medical Association of Bahia, the Regional Council of Medicine of Bahia and the Academy of Medicine of Bahia.
It was also great administrator, having held positions as Director of the School of Medicine, President of the Bahia of Medicine of Santa Casa de Misericordia da Bahia and Regional President of Cross International Veremelha.

Born in the town of Belmonte, Bahia, September 22, 1902, and his parents Leopoldo Ferreira and Francisca de Oliveira Sampaio de Oliveira. Completed preparatory studies, he joined the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia, in which pasted the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1927.
Student Laureate, went with their own efforts, all steps of the university career: senior professor in 1938, interim professor, from 1941 to 1946, Professor effective by tender in 1946.
His scientific knowledge, combined with the human condition, made him remarkable pediatrician, having been considered for decades the state's most important. Taught, to enforce, and practiced medicine for more than sixty years, when, at age 89 ended his professional career.
He died in full possession of mental faculties. Always strong and healthy, called himself "The Sertanejo."
"Hosannah de Oliveira - said Rodolfo Teixeira - deserves special mention. Pediatrician, absolutely correct behavior of an indisputably authentic Head of School, possessor of safe and reliable personality traits. Aware of the nature of men, why convened, directed and shaped numerous disciples, who approached him and that have formed later in the generations of pediatricians who must both communities where they carry out their professional activities "(3) .
"Their positions - said Professor Sonia edged Andrade - were straight and firm, and his career had numerous opportunities to demonstrate the strength of his character and his honesty" (1)
He died at his home in 1996 at the age of 94, surrounded by the affection of their relatives, friends, and alumni.

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