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THE VISIT OF THE EMPERORRonald R. Jacobina, Joseph Castellucci, Emerson Pinto, Eliana Maria Noronha (Available in


In 1859, D. Pedro II and Empress visited the northern provinces, during which the monarch recorded that, in his private diary, the following observations about the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia:
"The monarch scholar recounts in his diary that attended classes at the School of Medicine on 10 and 11 October. He was director of the College Professor. João Batista dos Anjos, who as a student, was also Porter-Surgical and Medical College student, graduating in 1827
He became a lens of Hygiene in 1839 and his term as director was 1857 to 1871. Teixeira said that the Emperor does not deserve credit in respect of Medicine, while recognizing the subtlety and the property of their comments. Now in its records, it is clear not only its dominance in the field of natural sciences in general as botany, zoology, astronomy, but also anatomy and other biomedical knowledge.
Pedro II has a critical appreciation of the various teachers of the school. Even considered many of the exhibitors as mediocre, but did praise for some lenses like the Spider Sergipe Manuel Ladislaus (1817-1875), Foreign Pathology; young Francis Rodrigues da Silva (1830-1886), Organic Chemistry and then Legal Medicine, Vicente Ferreira de Magalhães (1799-1876), Medical Physics; Salustiano Ferreira Souto (1814-1887), Legal Medicine; JonathanAbbott and English (1797-1868), of Descriptive Anatomy, which, according to Jose Valladares ( apud Pedro II, note 152), was the handmaiden of Medical-Surgical College from 1816 to 1820, a period which, without abandoning the job, did the medical course.
The emperor was intrigued with the case of anatomical Abbott, granting him the insignia of Christ at the end of the trip. True to our goal of identifying the role of the academic subject in these 200 years of Medical School, register it here as a student impressed the visitor. "The sixth year Joaquim Andrade Muniz Barreto was the student who seemed to have responded better to the bedside of her patient." A new standing corrects the name of academic and non Bahia Joaquim Augusto Andrade, nascidoem 1834. "

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