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Born in Vilarinho, Portugal, on January 15, 1926.
Arrived in Bahia in 1840, with 14 years of age.
He enrolled in medical school in 1846, and she was graduated in 1846.
Since the early sixties, created with Wulcherer and Paterson, the "Tropicalist School of Bahia."
Aristides Novis said: "Spirit worship, endowed with rare penetration of morbid events, Silva Lima was the cynosure of the studious youth of his time, who surrounded him, eager to draw on their lips the word of clinicians advised, smooth vehicle who enjoyed profound erudition, whose wand and many doubts dissipated, even from people elderly people - with tournaments in entanglements charadísticos the profession. Met many excellent qualities of the master, and was, in fact, without being a teacher "(2).
Edgar Cerqueira Falcão, tracing the profile of Lima Silva, said he implanted in Bahia Wucherer and Paterson, the first milestone in the study of tropical diseases in our country and established his residence in the vivarium first installed in our land.
His studies on beriberi had wide repercussions.
It was one of the founders of "Gazeta Médica da Bahia and it published several papers on filariasis and other tropical diseases, and therefore deserved to Gilberto Freire commented:" Silva Lima, Wucherer and Paterson knew, as few, considering the issues and regional issues tropical, Brazilian, instead of repeating the majestic galleries equal to pulpits in the classical language solemnly imitated Portuguese lessons of European masters, ignorant of Brazilian conditions of tropical environments and crossbred populations "(1).
Agrippino Martins said that "in the particular case of beriberi, the great merit of Lima Silva, in studying this disease in a masterly manner, was to have realized that this was a disease entity has not seen in the country, identified it, at least regarding the symptomatic, the disease prevailing in India and divided it into three clinical universally accepted today, summed observations and modeling studies on a monograph, poured into molds of strict scientific accuracy, written in simple, accurate and elegant "(3).
In the period between 1866 and 1908, Silva Lima published nearly a hundred studies about yellow fever, ainhum, hookworm, and filariasis beriberi.
 "The Luso-Brazilian great doctor, leaves his name indelibly on the history of medicine of our land. Employing the experimental method in our study of epidemics, he cooperated in the saying of Caldas Coni, the independence of the Brazilian medicine "(ibid.).

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