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 Couple's son Alexandre Soares Albergaria Albergaria and Iraídice, residing in the neighborhood of
 Rome, the capital of Bahia. Humble house, whose characteristic was the existence of a short wall of protection from the fury of the sea. In the "home of the short wall of rocks," Soares Albergaria Adroaldo lived his childhood and youth. Hostels never forgotten and memorialized in the following verses:

                                                 "Here everything is sublime:
                                                  Far, the vacancy hollyhock ...
                                                  Comes crashing into the sand ...
                                                  Here everything is expressed:
                                                  The sky-what beauty! ...
                                                  I think there at the time
                                                  There are sparkles diamonds
                                                  Fire crystal!
                                                  Undresses the beach (nua. ..)
                                                   In light of eteral moon
                                                   Waltzes, loaded,
                                                   Parade serenade ... "

Poor, persistent and scholar, he pursued since childhood, the dream of being a doctor. With that goal, he went to elementary school in Castro Alves, located in the neighborhood of Rome. The junior, attended him in the Gymnasium of Bahia and, after two University entrance, joined in 1945, the Faculty of Medicine.
To stay in college, he took advantage of a poor job in the lab Sanitarium St. George.
Their political sparked when she joined the faculty, which elevated him to elective posts such as the chairmanship of the Central Directory of Students UFBa. and representation of his series on several occasions.
Upon completion of medical school in 1950, was elected valedictorian. His address at the ceremony, very well designed, drew attention to the figure of the old "family doctor" and contained an appeal to human solidarity.
They were classmates: Arudy Costa Penna, Carlos José de Souza Alves, Geilza Batinga Clavier, Geraldo Leite, Geraldo Rocha, Jorge Fernando Pereira Studart, José dos Santos Pereira Filho, Maria de Lourdes Rocha Santos, Vital Ferreira de Morais Sarmento and Zilton Andrade de Araújo (2).
Once formed, Adroaldo Hostels served public and private institutions with the greatest devotion and seriousness. Never, however, left his office, meeting him every day, his bulky clientele.
It was a general practitioner and, unlike most of his peers, attended to his patients in his office and elsewhere, including the customer's residence. For him, the profession was a ministry and as such, had no time or address.
It was the Municipal Secretary of Health and Chairman of the Institute of Municipal Security System. It was in the exercise of that last job that death surprised him.
Medical and cultural associations, such as the Academy of Medicine of Bahia, Bahia Institute of History of Medicine, the Brazilian Society of Medical Writers-Regional da Bahia, industrious contribution paid.

1. Pine, Alvaro Rubin - Inaugural Address. Annals Academy of Medicine of Bahia, Volume 4: 11. Cultural Foundation of Bahia. Salvador, 1982.
2. Tavares Neto, Jose - 1812 to 2008 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Bahia. Feira de Santana, 2008.

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